Baby Cereal

Baby Cereal

Baby Cereal

Gerber Cereal helps make every bite count by providing essential nutrients—like iron, B vitamins, vitamins E and C, zinc and calcium—to support healthy growth and development.
Baby Cereal

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Little bites. Big nutrients.

Because 1 out of 5 babies ages 6-12 months are not getting enough iron in their diet, finding an iron-fortified infant cereal is key to healthy growth and development. Among the foods your baby eats, Gerber® cereals are the #1 source of iron. Gerber baby cereal also has:

Iron: Helps support baby’s learning abilities. That’s smart!
Vitamin C: The vitamin C in cereal aids in iron absorption
Calcium: The strong-bones-and-teeth builder
B Vitamins: Helps convert food into energy
Vitamin E & Zinc: Helps support baby’s immune system and healthy growth

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